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Thursday, 26 November 2015 19:32



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Lesson 12

Scripture Readings



What is a creed?
  A creed is a statement of what we believe.  It comes from the Latin credo, which means “I believe.”  The creeds we use in worship are simple statements of our faith, a faith shared by countless Christians over the ages.  Sometimes we use the Apostles Creed, which is a statement of faith that reflects the teachings of the apostles.  It was written primarily to combat the error that Jesus was not truly man.  We also use the Nicene and Athanasian Creeds.  They were written to counter the notion that Jesus was not truly God.  All of these are statements of faith shared by Christians over the centuries.

What does the creed have to do with our worship?
  Having heard the Word of God, we respond by confessing to God and each other that we have faith in God as He has revealed Himself in Scripture.  We join all Christians in heaven and on earth in confessing the universal faith.  This is our way of responding to the grace we have received in the Word.  Confession of faith (along with prayer and praise) is our way of responding to what God has done for us in Christ.  God rejoices in our heartfelt confession of His gracious teaching.

What does the Bible have to say about this?
  Matthew 10:32 - Jesus tells us that if we will confess Him before others, He will confess us before the Father.
  Romans 10:9 - Confession is an essential part of faith.  Salvation by grace through faith is demonstrated by our confession of faith.
  2 Timothy 1:6-12 - Paul encourages the church not to be ashamed of their faith, because of the wonder of grace God has given in Christ.  The grace given in Jesus is greater than anything we may have to suffer for the sake of the Gospel.

  Look for ways to be a living Creed.  It may be the love of spouses for each other (reflecting Christ and the church).  It may be the relationship of parents and children (reflecting God the Father, church as mother, children of God).  It may be in forgiving as we have been forgiven.  Suggested hymns from LSB are 556, 657, 662, 689, 953

Object Lesson
  Ask such questions as “Do you believe that God made you?”, “do you believe that Jesus died for your sins?”, “Do you believe that God’s Spirit lives in you?”.  That’s why we say the Creed in worship.

  Lord, we believe in You.  Increase our faith each day that we may confess you before others.  Amen.



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