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Bulletin Insert - Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments

The Fifth Commandment

Sing or recite LSB 851

·        God forbids us to take the life of another person.  This forbids murder as we commonly understand it, as well as abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, and suicide.

·        Drug abuse and other means of abusing our bodies is forbidden in this commandment.

·        This commandment also forbids hatred of our neighbor.


Current Issues

Current Issues

There has been much discussion lately about whether or not government can force religious organizations to provide contraceptives for their employees.  This is mostly an issue of the 1st Amendment freedom of religion.  Synodical President Matthew Harrison has written a response to the current issue, as well as testifying before Congress.  I invite you to view what he said at www.lcms.org.

The part of this I would like to focus on is the issue of contraceptives.  The Bible says little to nothing about contraceptives, so we can’t say much either.  What we can and must speak out about is the killing of the unborn, which takes place in some contraceptives.  Many simply prevent pregnancy, while others destroy the life of a child after conception.  Christians must be vigilant is determining what contraceptives actually do, so as to preserve and protect life.

I would also call on all Christians, whether using or not using contraceptives, to not get the idea that life is ours to turn on or off at our whim.  Life is a gift from the creative hand of God.  Whatever we do, do all to the glory of God.  Part of being pro-life is seeing the hand of God in creating children in the wombs of their mothers.  This is not just a product of nature, but a miracle of God.  May God grant us the grace to treasure life in all aspects.

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