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Thursday, 14 December 2017 21:21

Ten Commandments- Commandment 1

The Ten 10 Commandments

This Week’s Focus

The First Commandment You shall have no other gods. 


What does this mean?

We should fear, love, and trust in God above all things. 


Bible Teaching
Who God is– Deuteronomy 6:4; Matthew 28:19; 2 Corinthians 13:14

That God forbids idolatry–Isaiah 42:6-8; 1 John 5:21

Creatures as gods condemned-Philippians 3:19; Revelation 9:20

Forbids worship of gods other than the Triune God–John 5:19-24; 2 Corinthians 6:14-18

That we fear, love and trust in Him above all things–Psalm 96; Matthew 22:34-40; Proverbs 3:5-6


“The purpose of this commandment is to require true faith and trust of the heart, which settles upon the only true God and clings to Him alone. It is like saying, “See to it that you let Me alone be your God, and never seek another.” In other words, “Whatever you lack of good things, expect it from Me. Look to Me for it. And whenever you suffer misfortune and distress, crawl and cling to Me. I, yes, I, will give you enough and help you out of every need. Only do not let your heart cleave to or rest on any other.””  Martin Luther; the Large Catechism, Concordia, p. 359. 


Our Confession

·         We confess that the Triune God; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is the one true God.

·         We confess that He alone is worthy of our devotion, worship, and praise.

·         We confess that devotion to, confession and worship of any other god, creature, or thing is idolatry.

·         We reject idolatry of any kind.

·         We reject the notion that all religions worship the same God, just in different ways.


Discussion Questions

1.   What pagan religions are among us and what threat do they pose?

2.   What other obvious idols are among us and what threat do they pose?

3.   What subtle idols are made among us and what threat do they pose?

4.   How are we strengthened in our faith amidst these idols?

5.   What is the role of the congregation and church at large in combating idolatry?

6.   How is fear (awe), love, and trust in God accomplished, and how can we encourage that among us?

7.   How is our worship a living confession of this Commandment?

8.   Why is this called the greatest or summary Commandment?


Lord God, our heavenly Father, send us Your Spirit that we may in faith forsake all idols, and love, honor and revere You in all things. Most of all we ask that we daily thank and praise You for the gift of salvation through Your Son Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen.















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