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Wednesday, 01 October 2014 08:10

Imitate God Lesson 1A

Imitate God-Lessons on Parenting
Lesson 1A
 Prodigal Son/ Gracious father

Read Luke 15:11-32

What is this text about?
·         It is about the love God has for the lost and His action in coming to meet the lost (the ministry of Jesus)
·         It is about the love God has for the self-righteous in calling them to repent and love others. 

Differences in children
·         This text points out that children of the same household often are very different.
·         The differences in children require different approaches to raising them. 

The prodigal and the father’s response
·         The prodigal son comes in sorrow for his sin, expecting to be treated as a servant instead of a son.
·         The father runs to meet him, restores him, and celebrates his return.
·         Where there is repentance/sorrow parents are called to forgive and restore. 

The “faithful” son and the father’s response
·         The second son feels he deserves more because he has been “good.”
·         The father reminds him of how graciously he has been treated and asks that he be gracious in return.
·         Parents must see self-righteousness as a problem and teach children graciousness and mercy. 

What do you do about kids who disregard and disrespect you when they are young? 

What do you do about self-righteous children when they are young? 

What do you do about kids who abandon you or your values as adults? 

What do you do about self-righteous kids as adults? 

How do you deal with differences in children?



Ancient Jewish Weddings-Lesson 6 April 13

Ancient Jewish Weddings

Reflections of Salvation?

The Coming of the Bridegroom 

·         The groom and his friends would abduct the bride, take her to the courtyard of his father’s house where the people were gathered for the wedding.

Psalm 45:6-17
Song of Songs 2&3
Matthew 25:1-13
Luke 1:67-79
John 10:7-11
Ephesians 5:25-27
Revelation 19:6-9
Revelation 21:1-3 

1.   In what sense is Jesus’ coming like the coming of the groom?
2.   How is our worship a celebration of His coming?
3.   How are Advent, Christmas and Epiphany celebrations of His coming?
4.   What comfort is there in the fact that this is all Christ’s action?



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