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Saturday, 25 October 2014 18:09

Imitate God Lesson 2B

Imitate God
Lessons on Parenting-Lesson 2B
Prophets: Repent, Here is the Savior 

See Matthew 3
What is this text about?
·         John the Baptist, as the last of the Old Testament prophets, proclaims the Law against sin, and the Gospel to convicted sinners.
·         Jesus begins His earthly ministry that will end with his death and resurrection. 

Right use of the Law (most often 2nd use)
·         The Law is to be applied to sin, and a lack of repentance to get people to repent.
·         The Law must not be applied to repentance, or it will cause despair. 

Right use of the Gospel
·         The Gospel is to be applied to those who are sorry for their sins.
·         The Gospel must not be applied to a lack of repentance, since that would assume everything is alright when it is not. 

When should you (and should you not) apply the Law to your children?  Why? 

When should you (and should you not) apply the Gospel to your children?  Why? 

What happens when they don’t react as they should to either application? 

What is the goal of this aspect of parenting?



Ancient Jewish Weddings-Lesson 6 April 13

Ancient Jewish Weddings

Reflections of Salvation?

The Coming of the Bridegroom 

·         The groom and his friends would abduct the bride, take her to the courtyard of his father’s house where the people were gathered for the wedding.

Psalm 45:6-17
Song of Songs 2&3
Matthew 25:1-13
Luke 1:67-79
John 10:7-11
Ephesians 5:25-27
Revelation 19:6-9
Revelation 21:1-3 

1.   In what sense is Jesus’ coming like the coming of the groom?
2.   How is our worship a celebration of His coming?
3.   How are Advent, Christmas and Epiphany celebrations of His coming?
4.   What comfort is there in the fact that this is all Christ’s action?



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