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Reformation Alive

Our faith is alive and beautifully expressed in the songs we sing. Those songs confess our faith, praise, and prayers to God.  Read, sing, or listen to this month’s song in your devotions.

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I Remember You

Walking up to Calvary’s place
Looking at Your anguished face
I hear You say to me in grace
“I remember you.”

When I was just a baby mild
You baptized me, we’re reconciled
Your promise says to me, Your child
“I remember you.”

When my soul with guilt is rent
You tell me with the grace You’ve sent
Within Your holy Sacrament
“I remember you.”

 Lord be with me now this day
Hear me as I humbly pray
Let me daily hear you say
“I remember you.”

And when I lay me down and die
Wipe the tear drops from my eye
And with the saints triumphant cry
“I remember you.”

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