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Monday, 30 November 2015 20:34

Vocation Lesson 2



Reformation Truth
    One great contribution of Martin Luther was his theology of vocation.  Simply put, he pointed out that the various aspects of our lives are a calling from God.  Parenting is one such calling.  Parents are given children as gifts from God.  God entrusts those children into parents care to bless them with all God gives His people.  Parents are God’s means of providing the daily needs of their children.  These are food, clothing and the other needs of body.  It includes teaching, nurture and discipline.  It mostly includes teaching God’s Word to children, bringing them to worship, and guiding them in their walk of faith.  Parents are called to raise boys to be men and girls to be women and provide them with examples of both, drawn from the example of Christ and the Church.  

The Reformation is alive and well at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
    We, at St. Paul’s recognize that God has called us to various aspects of our lives.  We understand there is no higher or more important calling than parenthood.  We equip parents with the tools to be the blessing God intended them to be.  We encourage them in their calling and are there to advise them in the constant learning process of parenting.  We invite you to be part of our family friendly environment.

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