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Devotion 6

Read John 10:10 and 1 Peter 2:9-10

We are here for a purpose. We are not just an accident of evolution. God made us for a reason. The first reason is that we might have life in Him now and in heaven. He loves us and wants us to enjoy His blessings forever.

That's why He made us and why He came here and died for our sins.  Our faith clings to His promise of forgiveness and eternal life.We trust in Him alone as our source of life, hope, and peace.

Having received His promises by faith, He then works through our faith to fulfill the other purpose, that we might tell others His wonderful news.  The greatest gift we can give anyone is the message of Jesus.  It's the one gift that fills the emptiness of life. It's the only gift that lasts forever.  Thank God for your life by telling others about it, so that may have it too.

You are not space junk.  You are here for a purpose: to have and share eternal life from God, who gives life.  Pray about these things.

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