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Thursday, 14 December 2017 21:20

Genesis 6-9 Notes

Genesis 6-9

* God had banished Cain's descendants (ch4). The children of Adam were not to associate themselves with them. The church was to remain free of the godless. This was for their protection. But problems arose when God's command was disregarded. The mixing of the two caused major problems for the church. The church accepted the ways of the world.                                                                                                  * Luther says of Noah, "Noah was not only righteous and holy so far as his own person was concerned, but he was also a confessor." Noah was a witness. He witnessed  in words and actions to his world.  He is an example for us to follow because of the steadfast witness he had in the midst of a sinful world. The ark was possibly the most obvious witness in history. 
* God promised a Savior to the church (the descendants of Adam and Eve).  God is faithful to His promise and fulfilled it by sustaining the church through Noah and his family. This was the church in small form, but the church nonetheless.
* Noah also provides us with an excellent example of faith. Faith is necessary in order for us to be children of God. Our faith expresses itself in many different ways.
* Evolutionists claim that the earth must be millions of years old because of the
various layers of earth laid in formation. They maintain that these layers would take
that long to settle on the earth. This does not take into account a worldwide flood. 
Read about the actual flooding of the earth (7:11-12). Try to imagine the impact of this on the earth.
* Consider the rainbow (9:8 -17).

Discussion Questions
1. (Read Romans 12:1-3) Is the church to practice the ways of the world?  Is the church to associate with the world? What, if anything, is to come from the relationship of the world and the church? What happened to the church at the flood? Does the same thing happen in the church today? What, if anything, can be done about it?
2. What does the life of Noah have to say about our verbal witness to Christ? what does the life of Noah have to say about our witness of example? What example did Noah give? How must Noah have looked to the world? How often does our concern about how we look affect our witness? What is your greatest fear about witnessing? What do you think you need in order to overcome that fear?
3. What does the saving of Noah tell us about the promises of God? What was the state of the church then? What was the strength of the church then? What is the state of the church now? What is the strength of the church now? How is God faithful to His promises today?
4. Describe the faith of Noah. What was his faith in? How was that faith rewarded? How do we apply these things to our faith?
5. Where did the flood waters come from? What would such an event do to the earth as we know it? What does this say about the wrath of God? What does it say about the deliverance of Noah?
6. What does the rainbow remind us of? What did God do instead? How precious should this sign be to us?


Day 1
   (Read Genesis 6:1-8) "But everybody is doing it!" This is a common statement by many people in many situations. Children say it to parents. Adults say it in so many words when they seek to live up to the world's expectations. We all want to fit in. This too often calls us to compromise our beliefs.
   Romans 12:1-3 implores us not to conform to the world but be transformed by the Gospel. The reason there was a flood is the fact that the believers married unbelievers and, instead of converting them, they compromised their faith. Before long these compromises brought them to the point where they had no faith.
   We are called to be in the world, but not of the world. The way of the world is sin and evil. There is no compromise with evil. If we meet sin half way, we sin. If something isn't godly, don't do it! Too often we allow our priorities and actions to reflect the world, not God. We assume that it won't hurt in this instance or that. In time, most people find themselves compromising in nearly every aspect of life because God has ceased to be all in all.
   Does this mean that we isolate ourselves from the society. No. We need to be in the world as witnesses to Christ. We have what the world needs to live in heaven forever. God has been gracious to us and given us the privilege of sharing Christ with others.
   The bottom line is who will set the agenda. Instead of having the world set the agenda in our homes, let's set the agenda for those we know by our witness. Instead of the world's sin intruding into our lives, let's bring the gospel into theirs. Let us pray that the Spirit would help us to be the shining lights Christ has made us.

Day 2
   (Read Genesis 6:8 - 8:22) "Mom, some kid told me that going to church is stupid."  "What did you say" asked the mother. "Nothing" said the child, "I was ashamed. "Sometimes it's hard to be a follower of Christ. People make fun of our devotion to God.  The easy thing is to say nothing and do nothing about it. The story of the flood teaches us a lesson about this. Noah received the Word of god that there would be a flood that would destroy the earth. God promised to deliver him and his family from the flood. God commanded him to build this huge boat in which they would all be safe. Noah believed the Word of God. He willingly built the ark. He must have looked foolish building this huge boat on dry land. The people of his day, who denied God, must have made fun of him for believing the Word of God. Noah's faith was greater than his fear of what others would think of him. God fulfilled His promise to Noah.
   God has promised us the forgiveness of all our sins, even the times we fail to stand up for Him. We bring our sins to Him daily and receive His forgiveness. He also promises us eternal life in heaven and that He will be with us as live here. He will care for us and provide for us all our days. We know that God will always be there in good times and bad with His wonderful promises.
   How do we respond to the Word of God? We confess our belief in Jesus to others. Telling others that we go to church, why we go to church, and inviting them to come and hear what Jesus has done is our ark. We build our boats on dry land when we show the kindness of our Savior to people in need and tell them that the reason for our kindness is the kindness of Jesus our Savior. Noah had a unique opportunity to witness.
  Pray about your opportunities to do the same. 

Day 3
   (Read Genesis 7-8) Has anyone ever broken a promise they have made to you? How did you react? Why did you react that way? No one likes a promise that is not kept. We expect things to happen and are hurt and disappointed when they don't.
   God is not like us. He always keeps His promises. The story of Noah is a reminder of that. God 
promised to deliver Noah and He did it.
   God promised to send the messiah through Noah's family. He saved us all in the ark by saving that promise.
   We talked before about God's promises of forgiveness and eternal life. God faithfully keeps those promises. He is faithful, even when we are not. His promises are sure, no matter how unbelievable they may seem to others around us. We ride over the waves of trial and hardship in the ark of God's promises. Problems still arise, but God is greater than our problems. Cast your cares on Him because He cares for you. Pray about God's promises.

Day 4
   One of the most miraculous parts of this text is the faith of Noah. He trusted God by building the ark. He trusted God while he was in the ark. He considered God's promises certain and God fulfilled them. Noah did what he did because he had faith in God. No matter how impossible it seemed, Noah trusted God and saw the fulfillment of that trust.
   God has promised and accomplished our salvation. God says that our sins are forgiven. He says that we will be taken from this world of trials to heaven. He promises that He has overcome Satan and all the forces of evil by the death and resurrection of Jesus. These things are the truth. May God grant us the faith of Noah to trust God's promises. Pray that God would preserve us in faith.

Day 5
   Read Genesis 7:11-12 The flood waters came from below the earth as well as from the rain. The earth was blown apart by the waters coming up and joining the rain. The earth as it was, was destroyed. The change that occurred makes our ability to use what's in the ground to determine how things were in pre-historic times impossible. All that existed fell in random mass and was buried. The destruction was total.
   The wrath of God against the sinful world was severe. The real story was how gracious God was in 
delivering Noah and his family. God preserved them in a time of unmatched disaster. Mere humans would look at this disaster and say that no one could have survived boat or not.
   Sin has brought this about. 
We live in a world of spiritual and physical strife because we live in a sinful world. We deserve hell. God has rescued us from sin, death and hell. As he saved Noah from this terror, He has saved us from a worse one. As Noah thanked God for this deliverance, let us thank God for delivering us from sin by the death of Jesus. Pray about this.

Day 6
   Read Genesis 9:8-17 God gave us the rainbow as the sign of His promise not to destroy the earth by flood again. God hates sin. He loves sinners, but hates sin. The rainbow is a sign of promise that His wrath won't destroy the world in this way. Is there any other comfort we can get from this.
   Instead of destroying the sinful world, He sent Jesus to save it. God preserved His promise of a Savior by saving Noah and his family. He fulfilled that promise by coming in Jesus and laying down His life for our sins.
rainbow should be a precious sign to us. It reminds us that God is there, that God has promised us not to destroy the world by flood. It also reminds us that, instead of destroying the world, He saved it by Christ. Remember Jesus when you see the rainbow. Pray about this.






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