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Saturday, 05 September 2015 14:12

God Speak (Bible Study)

God Speak

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Six Days Vs Billions of Years

Read Genesis 1
The teaching of the Bible that God created the world in six days has been under significant assault for many years.  The major attacks have come from those who believe Darwin’s theories of evolution.  As we have discovered the complexity of the cell to be greater and greater, theories on earth’s age have gone from millions to billions of years.  This has not happened because of newly discovered data, but simply because evolution needs the added time to be remotely possible.  Evolutionists claim that their conclusions are based on science.  We believe the Biblical text.  Here are some of their scientific arguments. 

Radioisometric Dating
    Radioisometric dating is cited by present day evolution scholars in dating rocks and other ancient matter.  It is from this method of dating that we get the claims of rocks that are hundreds of millions of years old.  They use such data to support their claim that the world is billions of years old.  They also cite this as evidence that Genesis is false because the world is much older than the Bible would lead us to believe. 
    The major problem with this form of dating things is that there are variables in this method.  You have to be certain of those variables in order to determine, with any certainty, the age of something.
    Present assumptions have been called into question.  For instance, the lava under the lake created by Mt. St. Helens tested as being hundreds of thousands of years old, though tested a decade or so after the event.  For more on radioisometric dating and some challenges involved with it, we invite to you look at the Answers In Genesis website at AIG.org. 

Formations of Canyons
    One of the arguments made by evolutionary scientists for an older earth is the formation of canyons.  They argue that canyons were cut by river or other water flows and that it took thousands, if not millions of years.  Again Mt. St. Helens has thwarted this theory in that it cut a canyon in a matter of days.  For more on this see the article on Mt. St. Helens in the April – June 2015 issue of Answers Magazine, available from Answers in Genesis. 

Glacial Formations
    Old earth theorists use glacial formations as evidence that the earth is billions of years old.  The problem is that their theories as to how quickly glaciers move isn’t being borne out by the visual evidence present in the glaciers melting now. 

    Old Earth proponents cite the long process of fossilization as evidence that Genesis 1 and a young earth can’t be possible.  They assume that fossilization takes millions of years, thus the earth must be millions/billions of years old.  Recent finds, such as a fossilized teddy bear, have called their theories of fossilization into question.  The rate of fossilization is determined by a number of variables.  In order for old earth theories to be true, their variables must be correct.  There is no evidence regarding those variables that prove their conclusions. 

Bottom line
    There is nothing in scientifically verified data that proves the age of the earth.  Christians believe the Word of God because it is the Word of God.  Science has not disproven Genesis 1, and it won’t.


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