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Genesis 1 Introduction 

Genesis 1:1

“In the beginning God, created the heavens and the earth.” 

·         The term “Genesis” is Greek for beginning.  This book was given this name in the Greek translation of the Old Testament (Septuagint). 
·         The Hebrew name of this book is simply “Moses 1.” 

·         This is the record of the beginning of earth and those inhabiting it being brought into existence by the one, true God.
·         The Bible will continue the record of God and His people.  There will be various new beginnings as the Bible continues.  All this leads up to the new creation that occurs in the death and resurrection of Jesus. 

·         The name used for God in this chapter is Elohim.  It is a plural form of El or Eloah.  These all mean God.  When you see El in the Bible it refers to God, for instance, "Bethel" means house (Beth) of God (El).  Elohim is used far more than the other terms in the Hebrew.  It is the best term because it is a plural used almost entirely with singular nouns and verb forms.  It is literally a plural that is singular.  This reflects the Trinity, who is present in this chapter.
·         This chapter teaches that God created all things from nothing with His Word.  This is in contrast to the teaching of evolution which teaches that all things came from other things.  One species led to another until our present day.  This chapter clearly teaches a creation of species together.
·         This chapter teaches that the origin of all things is God.  Evolution teaches that all things arrived at their present status through a series of accidents caused by environment.  There are those who would say that God created but used evolution as the means.  Darwin was asked about that and replied by asking why you would need evolution if you had God.
·         This contrast between Creation and Evolution will be further explored in coming lessons.
·         The issue of origins is simply one of whether you will believe an ancient document written by God, or a somewhat modern theory written by men.  As will be discussed in later studies, neither Creationists, nor Evolutionists can conclusively prove their beliefs scientifically.  One significant difference between them is the willingness of most Creation scientists to admit this, and the unwillingness of most Evolution scientists to admit it.

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Devotion 5

We hear a lot these days about self esteem; feeling good about yourself. We are encouraged to look inside ourselves and see that we are worth something. The problem is that we are sinners. We break God's law many times each day. How can we feel good about ourselves if we sin so much?


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