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Genesis 1

The Word of God and Reason

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Who will we believe?
    There are many beliefs around the world, and throughout time, about the origin of all things on earth.  This is not a new issue in our time, but one that has been debated as far back as history records, and will continue as an issue long after we are gone.  You might ask, “but hasn’t that issue been settled by science?”  It has not, and that is the issue before us in this study.

God is true!
    Christians regard the Bible as the inspired and infallible Word of God.  There are some issues that the Bible doesn’t speak to.  Where the Bible speaks, Christians believe the Bible because it is the Word of God.  God is perfect and true.  Man is sinful and quite capable of being wrong.  The Genesis 1 text was revealed by God the Holy Spirit to Moses.  Genesis 1 is not some theoretical treatise filled with open ended teaching.  It is something revealed in clear language for real people to read and understand.  This is a positive use of our God given reason.  We use this gift to read and understand the clear teaching of Genesis 1.  There can be no doubt about what it says or means because the words are simple and concise.  We believe God!

Human reason is the product of sinful people, thus fallible.
    The reason of sinful man, on the other hand, is quite capable of fallacy, falsehood, and deceit.  If you choose to believe theories that contradict the Bible, you choose to believe people rather than God.  You are equating, or giving precedence to, the word of man with the Word of God. 

The discussion of Origins is an example of sinful, fallible mankind
    Again you may ask whether science has settled the issue of origins.  Some scientists claim to have proven their theories, but the fact is they have not.  They claim to have proven evolutionary theories because of their claimed consensus on the issue of origins.  Science, however, is not done by consensus.  Scientific consensus once taught that the world was flat.  Scientific consensus taught that the sun revolved around the earth.  In the 1980’s scientific consensus said that fiber was bad for people and should be removed from our diets.  A few years, and millions of constipated people later, the consensus changed.  As shall be discussed in upcoming lessons, the data that has produced the present consensus is questionable at best.  True science either confirms God’s Word, or presents no obstacles to our faith.  Christians believe God.


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