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Friday, 09 October 2015 13:52

Genesis 2 Lesson 2

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Read Genesis 2:4-17

    In this section we have the creation of male and female further explained.  It is mentioned in Chapter 1, along with the command for people to have dominion over all things.  This chapter now gets specific about the creation of man and the stewardship God gives him over all things.
  Adam is created from the dust like other land creatures.  Unlike the others, Eve, his mate, will be created differently.  We will discuss that in the next lesson.
    Adam is put in the Garden of Eden to be the steward or care taker of the Garden.  This was a perfect place where he would live in harmony with God and all things on earth.  He was to be steward of the Garden.  Even after the Fall into sin, we are stewards of the earth.  That stewardship is not to do harm, but good.  We are to use it wisely, and for the benefit of those God has placed in our care. 
    God placed the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden.  He commanded Adam not to eat of it.  This was a place for Adam to show his devotion to God by following God’s will.  We will see what happened to that stewardship in Chapter 3.  But for now, this tree was their place of worship, where they showed God their love for Him and for His will.
    We set aside places of worship to show our love and thanks to God for all He has done.  He made us, and when we ran away He saved us.  The good earth He created still produces what we need to live and our stewardship of it is in thanks for the gift and in love for Him by serving those who live here.




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