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Thesis 5


The marriage covenant between Jesus and the Church defines marriage in essence and application.

A.    Jesus is the definition of “husband.”  Husbands are compared to Christ, not Him to husbands.  This definition is tied to Jesus’ Gospel action of giving Himself up for us.  The faithfulness of husbands is measured by their sacrificial love for wives “as Christ loved the Church.”  In using this as the standard, God calls husbands to confess their faith in Christ’s sacrificial act by their love for their wives.
B.   The Church is the definition of “wife.”  Wives are compared to the Church, not her to them.  This definition is tied to the Church’s Gospel submission to Christ in the plan of salvation.  Wives submit to their husbands by confessional reception of their love “as the Church is subject to Christ.”  What wives do is a response to what they have received, just as the Church’s action is a response to what she receives from Christ.



Current Issues


     Here in the State of Indiana we have been embroiled in a fight about the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act.”  Much has been written about it, as well as much on TV.  Not much has been accurate. 
    Christians do not want laws enacted so that we can discriminate against, and show hatred for, anyone.  To suggest that anyone who was for this act is hateful and wants to discriminate against others is the same as claiming that those who opposed this law are opposed to religious freedom and haters of religious people.  Neither assumption has any basis in fact.
    Many Christians, or their ancestors, came to America because it was a place where they would be able to worship God freely, without government intervention or interference.  People of other faiths have come to America for the same reason, since our Constitution guarantees the freedom of religion, not any particular religion. 
    Our first consideration is the preservation of our First Amendment rights, especially since those rights have come under fire in recent years.  There are those who accuse us of simply wanting to discriminate against homosexuals.  This is simply not true.  We do consider homosexual behavior sinful.  But if we wanted to promote discrimination against sinners, we would be inviting discrimination since we sin too.  We simply wish to preserve the rights we are guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.  We invite you to read the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights if you have not done so.  There will be discussion of marriage and sexuality on this website as time goes along, but we always welcome questions and will answer as promptly as possible.  
    May God bless you in the exercise of your citizenship.  May God also bless our country, president, congress, governors, legislatures, and all our citizens.


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