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Close Encounters of the Divine Kind

Close Encounters of the Divine Kind

Genesis 3:1-19


The Set Up


Genesis 3:1-7

Truth: They had several options in their dealing with sin and Satan, but they made these.  We could discuss “what if” but nothing would change.


1.  Under what circumstances is it beneficial to discuss “what if?”

2.  Under what circumstances is it harmful to discuss “what if?”


The Initial Encounter

Genesis 3:8-11

Truth: God walks in on them in their newly discovered nakedness.  Their reaction is to hide.  God’s reaction is to expose.

1.  What is it like to have someone walk in at the wrong time?

2.  What is it like to realize God’s presence at the wrong time?

3.  How does God expose Adam and Eve?

4.  How does God expose us?

5.  Why does God expose sin and how should we respond?


The Blame Game

Genesis 3:12-13

Truth: Passing the buck is as old as sin.  Adam blames God and the woman.  Eve says that the devil made her do it.

1.  Why are we inclined to blame God for sin and its consequences?

2.  Is sin God’s fault?

3.  Why are we inclined to blame others for our sins?

4.  Why are we inclined to blame the devil for our sins?

5.  Who does God blame? (there is more than one answer)

6.  What does all this mean in our relationship to God and others?


God Speaks

Genesis 3:14-19

Truth: God’s punishment of Satan is Gospel for Adam and Eve.  He promises the Savior.  Eve’s relationships will change in her family.  The world is cursed because of Adam.

1.  What are we to make of the fact that God immediately speaks Gospel to Adam and Eve?

2.  How does God deal with us and our sins?

3.  What might Eve’s relationship to Adam and her children have been in Paradise?

4.  How has it changed?

5.  What might Adam’s relationship to the earth have been in Paradise?

6.  What is it like now?

7.  What has God done about all this and what does it mean to us?

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