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The Word of God- January 6, 2013


The Word of God

This Week’s Focus

"The Bible is the 'Holy Scripture' because God the Holy Spirit gave to His chosen writers the thoughts that they expressed and the words that they wrote (verbal inspiration). Therefore, the Bible is God's own Word and truth, without error (inerrancy)." Luther's  Small Catechism 1986 p. 48

Bible Teaching

John 20:30-31

2 Timothy 3:14-17

Hebrews 1:1-2

1 John 1:1-4

Revelation 22:18-19


Quote FC SD art V para 19-21

“The Law rebukes unbelief, that is, when people do not believe God’s Word. Now the Gospel is God’s Word, and it alone properly teaches and commands people to believe in Christ. The Holy Spirit, through the Law’s office, also rebukes unbelief, that is, when people do not believe in Christ.

 Yet it is properly the Gospel alone that teaches about saving faith in Christ. Now, a person has not kept God’s Law, but has transgressed it when his corrupt nature, thoughts, words, and works fight against it. Therefore, he is under God’s wrath, death, all temporal calamities, and the punishment of hellfire. The Gospel is properly a doctrine that teaches what a person should believe, so that he receives forgiveness of sins with God. In other words, it teaches that God’s Son, our Lord Christ, has taken upon Himself and borne the Law’s curse and has atoned and paid for all our sins. Through Him alone we again enter into favor with God, receive forgiveness of sins through faith and are delivered from death and all the punishments of sins, and are eternally saved.

 Everything that comforts, that offers God’s favor and grace to transgressors of the Law, is, and is properly called, the Gospel. It is a good and joyful message that God will not punish sins, but will forgive them for Christ’s sake.”  Formula of Concord, Solid Declaration, Article 5.


Our Confession

·        We believe the Bible is the inspired and infallible Word of God

·        We believe the Bible is the only unassailable truth for our lives

·        We believe that the Bible teaches God’s Law and Gospel

·        We reject all attempts to subtract from the clear teaching of the Bible

·        We reject all attempts to add to the clear teaching of the Bible

·        We reject the mixing of Law and Gospel, or changing their definitions


Discussion Questions

1.     According to John 20:30-31, what is the purpose of God’s Word?

2.      Why is it important to distinguish Law and Gospel?

3.      What is at the center of biblical teaching and what does that mean in our reading of it?

4.      What present challenges are addressed by Revelation 22:18-19?

5.      How should our practice in home and congregation reflect this doctrine?



Lord, keep us steadfast in Your Word.  Curb those who by deceit and sword would wrest the kingdom from Your Son and bring to naught all He has done.  Amen.

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